Hi, I'm Jon.

I'm a supply chain technology expert with over 30 years of experience spanning several fortune 500 companies.

I can connect you to the best solutions for your technology problems.​

Want to become a leading expert in digitizing supply chains?

Want to fast-track your company’s digital transformation?

Overview of what I do
I help people to solve problems in the Supply Chain space, both from an operational and technological standpoint.
I help small to medium sized businesses compete with the big boys.

It is tough for small to mid sized companies to compete in the same ways as larger companies that have more money to spend. I help even the odds, by finding solutions that smaller companies can use to get the same types of results in their supply chain, without bankrupting them.

I help people find an approach to supply chain digitization that best suits their needs

Not everyone is starting from the same point. It takes effort to understand where a company stands, where they want to be and how to map out the journey to get there. I excel at this work, balancing an approach that involves synchronizing operations and technology together for the best results.

When it comes to Supply Chain Technology, I understand a variety of needs & common points of frustration.
Not sure where to start?

I can help you analyize + prioritize.

Companies today have a need for improving their supply chain but are not sure where to start.

There are a lot of points to address in a digital supply chain. I can help to analyze the opportunities and provide a comprehensive plan to address each, along with a benefits analysis in order to prioritize this work.

Not all problems need to be solved, not all priorities save money (some focus on your customer instead).

Can't find the right solution?

I can help you understand how you fit in the Supply Chain puzzle.

Companies today have trouble finding the right solution for their business related to supply chain.

I help to understand their needs, define them in a quantitative way and seek out the right solution for their needs.

Overwhelmed by the choices of cutting edge technology?

I can help you make sense of available technology and what’s right for you.

Companies today have a lot of cutting edge technology in front of them. I help them to make sense of the never ending stream of new innovation, seeking out first to under the problem that needs to be solved, and to only then seek out a solution. Too many people are looking for problems to solve with a technology, it should be the other way around. 

Need to introduce your employees to supply chain principles?

I offer webinars to help fill this need.

Companies want to introduce their employees to supply chain principles and technology, we offer webinars that range from introductory information, to custom designed content focusing where you need it most.

Is your c-suite team struggling to find a good strategy?

I can help provide your team with a clear plan of action.

C-Suite teams have new challenges in the current supply chain area. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to be best in class, we provide proven strategies and solutions to help you strategically plan your approach. Conducted in a small group environment, we focus specifically on your challenges and provide you with a clear plan of action.

Whether you need something as simple as a spreadsheet, or as complex as an ERP, I can deliver on time and on budget. I  bring deep functional expertise in all areas of supply chain technology and at affordable rates.

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